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Comments Thread For: Mikaela Mayer: Harper Has Been Exposed, She's Shown A lot of Weaknesses

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  • Comments Thread For: Mikaela Mayer: Harper Has Been Exposed, She's Shown A lot of Weaknesses

    Mikaela Mayer believes Terri Harper has shown "a lot of weaknesses" and does not think her rival will be able to keep pace with her when the pair eventually meet. WBO junior lightweight champion, Mayer has had several social media back-and-forths with the WBC and IBO titlist, Harper as anticipation builds for a future showdown.
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    Everything mikaela says in the article is correct , nothing more to add other than Harper wants no part of her until she’s over the hill( which won’t happen for a long time yet) sooner or later Harper will have to face her but I don’t believe deep down harper believes she can win . The only chance she’ll have is to freshen up her camp and be lifted in her confidence by changing to a more knowledgeable established trainer , it appears she’s started the change by getting a proper conditioner and addressing her nutritional needs ..


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      She looks bangable judging by the photo in the article. Normally only a degenerate would say that, but to be fair they have no place in boxing. Who cares who the best FEMALE in the wrold is at boxing? Do those same people know who the best amateur males are? I doubt it. Those same amateurs are still far more capable boxers and athletes. Sheep. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      EDIT: Should have added 'quote tags' around the above paragraph. The above comment was actually something I saw online in another thread about a female boxer. What an utter disgusting disgrace. Female boxing is getting better and better, it's only a matter of time before they catch up to the boys and possibly exceed them. You go girl, I'll be tuning in for sure!
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        I'd like to Mikaela expose herself a little more. 😍