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Comments Thread For: Hearn: Fury, Joshua Have Argued Over Text, Argued Over FaceTime - It's Bizarre

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    Originally posted by Eff Pandas View Post
    They haven't OFFICIALLY announced the location, but hasn't Eddie said numerous times it's not gonna be in the UK? That's what I recall.

    And with covid rules I suspect it won't even make sense to do it in the UK.
    Yeah, Eddie has prety much said he couldn't do the first fight in the UK, and that is the strong expectation.

    The situation is fluid though. The UK is vaccinating at a rate of knots (25% of population has already had one dose) and I believe they are projecting to get everyone done by May. That does create a window of possibility for this fight to happen in June or July.

    Of course, who knows what happens with variants screwing things up.

    Somewhere in the Middle East with a massive site fee does seem like the more likely scenario for the first fight (unfortunately, I'd say. This fight in the UK with crowds would be extra special).


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      Originally posted by Monty Fisto View Post
      Article: both sides have a target of June. If they can't make that, then they will look to July. Hearn: "It doesn't have to be June, it can be July. We've got to get two done this year."

      And your takeaway from this is that the fight is now set for July?

      Try and read the words again.

      And wasting their prime time by saying they have to get two fights in between them in the next 10 months? How does that work in your mind?
      Don't worry. The 1st fight is not happening before September. Remember this.


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        Hearn is really tryna convince himself that the more he talks about these silly face time & girly man text exchanges is the more likely Wilder will give up his contractual rights to buss Fury's ass in the 3rd and final meeting. Wilder will NEVER give up the chance get revenge on a now even playing field. Fury should simply give up the belt and run into the arms of Hearn.....asking Hearn to chart & promote a new course with face time & text messages that'll get a new girly man entourage (who wasnt particularly interested in the sport in the first place) salivating and jumping on board..... This is desperation promotion at its best.... Hearn aint trying to lose out on that potential one last HUGE MEGA payday that could keep his lights on for another 20 yrs.