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  • Comments Thread For: Arthur Abraham Retires From Boxing, Has No Desire To Fight Again

    Former middleweight and super middleweight world champion Arthur Abraham, 40-years-old, has officially announced the end of his boxing career and told News Armenia that he just wants to spend time with his family, children and parents.
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    I thought he was already retired. Was years ago last time I heard someone mention him.


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      Wow I thought he retired after he fought Zurdo lol


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        lol, I also thought this guy was completely retired. I'd occasionally look him up to see the Taylor KO and Miranda. Vicious KOs. Wasn't it the first Miranda fight that he fought him with a broken jaw from like rd 2 to 12? Something crazy like that.


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          with a controversial decision.
          Yup, that about sums up Abe's career post-Super Six...

          I thought he was The Truth after the Taylor KO, but he was thoroughly exposed by mostly everyone else in that tournament. Can't say I developed much appreciation for that Abe/Clottey/Sturm style of take-all-punches-on-the-gloves-and-hope-for-home-cooking.


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            Originally posted by VatoMulatto View Post
            I thought he was already retired.
            This. I mean fook man looking at his boxrec he ain't fought in almost 3 years lol.

            Respect to Arthur doe. He was a bad mofo & had a good career. Wish him luck at whatever he pursues outside the ring.


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              Will never forget Abraham win over Miranda. Dude had a BROKEN JAW in ROUND FOUR...still won a decision with his mouth gaping open and blood pouring out.

              Miranda fought SO DIRTY and Abraham prevailed. Amazing performance. One of my AT favorites


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                He was a really good middleweight but he couldn't handle the jump at a time when there was world class borderline elite level 168lb fighters (unlike now)

                He should have done a GGG and just been a career middleweight.


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                  Arthur Abraham was a tough as nails fighter, with tremendous heart, and a vicious knockout punch. Who was in some great fights, against world class opposition. I did enjoy watching him in the ring, he was just a true warrior in there.


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                    His jaw was hanig down and he fought on.

                    Respect on my Muslim brother!