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  • Comments Thread For: Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santa Cruz - CompuBox Punch Stats

    Gervonta Davis' power and body attack was the difference as he KO'd the game Leo Santa Cruz with a single left upper cut. Davis landed 55% of his power punches (80 of 146) to 76 of 259 (29%) for Santa Cruz, who was having his best round in the sixth (27 of 98) before the end came, but was lured into a fire fight with the stronger Davis. 34 of Davis' 84 landed punches were body shots.
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    Leo’s tough but he had no business in there with Tank. By the 4th round his face was red as hell and he was breathing outta his mouth. I knew it was only a matter of time despite Leo putting up a good fight in spurts. His body language told it all every time he got hit with a solid shot.

    Leo tried to fight off the jab early but it was slow & had no steam on it and Tank was walking right thru it. He kept hitting Leo with the same punch over and over.

    Tank belongs at 135. Leo belongs at 126. This fight was made to help springboard Tanks career & nothing more. The entire set up was straight outta the Floyd textbook - fight a beatable, Hispanic fan favorite, beat him & then build the animosity from the Hispanic crowd so that they tune in for future bouts with the hope of seeing you lose - which in turn adds more views/PPV buys that you can take credit for.

    Credit to Tank for executing what was expected. Credit to Leo for going for the gusto all night despite taking some vicious shots. Here’s to hoping Tank fights a real threat in his weight class next. Leo only has 2 losses but he needs to go back to 26 or think about retirement, I just don’t see him accomplishing much else from here. 130 is not for him & I think the mileage on his odometer is pretty high- little volume punchers like him pretty much fizzle out at this point