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Loma/Lopez: ESPN makes a flawed comparison for Lopez

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    Originally posted by daggum View Post
    thats true but i also think powerful promoters have a large say in who, how, and when potential opponents are moved up the rankings meaning if they want to make sure their guy has a soft touch eliminator they will get them.
    You’re 100% correct and Bob holds crazy sway with the WBO. But the IBF follow their own rules to a fault since those lawsuits back in the day.


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      Originally posted by revelated View Post
      Lopez has a higher power punch connect rate than Roberto Duran.

      Come on, ya'll. This is getting silly.

      Roberto Duran had OVER 60 FIGHTS as a F'n lightweight. Lopez has 15. You know good and damn well that accuracy percentage goes down the more fights you have.

      How about let's WAIT for another 45 fights before we start trying to compare this kid to one of the Four Kings?

      I have to agree with this. I get they're trying to hype it, but they're truly cherry picking a single statistic to insinuate something that's just not there.

      Duran and Lopez fight differently, and I'm pretty sure Duran also threw more punches than Lopez, which is a significant factor that will affect this statistic.