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Judge on his phone mid-round

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    It's scores like this that should give EVERYONE pause before they tout any judge's scorecard in any fight. We all know bad cards/corruption happen. Merely citing a scorecard from a judge is not sufficient to prove someone won a fight. Break it down for why you scored it a certain way; but none of us on here should cite a card as evidence of a win.


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      Originally posted by Mammoth View Post
      Terry O'Connor. Needs to be removed from the sport.
      I can't believe this dude is still in the business

      Out of all the crooked British refs he's the absolute worst

      I'll never forget what he did in the Kovalev/cleverly fight

      At the end of the second round he first waived the fight off, then changed his mind, then picked up semi conscious cleverly and carried him to his corner


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        I've seen worse.

        There was this judge in the Nietes-Palicte fight who went to the bathroom mid-fight