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  • Comments Thread For: Cecilia Braekhus on a Superfight Horizon

    By Cliff Rold - In the current fistic climate, it's fair to say no fight in the women's divisions is going to reap the rewards an average outing from Saul Alvarez, Manny Pacquiao, or Tyson Fury might produce. It's not to say it won't get there someday. It's also not to say that's the only barometer for success. Between lightweight and Jr. middleweight, the possibilities exist...
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    Wait a second......when did Tyson Fury start being a cash cow?.....LMMFAO


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      Cecilia is technically very efficient and she posesses quite dazzling skills. Jessica definitely has her work cut out here, and it will be interesting how she goes about trying to make her apparent strength and power advantages pay.
      Although I rate Jessica very highly, I just don't think she possesses anywhere near the fitness, engine, speed of foot or intensity of Delfine Persoon, and therefore it will be hard to force Cecilia to engage sufficiently. For the record, I would pick Delfine to clearly outpoint Jessica, and to overpower and grind down both Cecilia and Katie Taylor. This fight is more difficult for me to predict though, although I am quite sure that Jessica will most likely be Cecilia's toughest most gruelling fight to date.


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        I am very eager to see womens clashes as:

        Braekhaus - Taylor
        Braekhaus - Shield
        TAYLOR - Serrano
        Serrano - Persoon


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          Braekhus is the GWOAT and first lady of boxing represent respect btches!