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Comments Thread For: Photos: Joe Joyce Batters, Stops Michael Wallisch in Third

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    What is the hype all about.

    If he wast so big, back in the day he would be considered a big slow plodder. Absolutely no special affects and thatís why Iíll take the young inexperienced English Daniel Dubois because anytime you get hit that much from a big puncher the fight wonít last. All I can say is he better bring his ďAĒ game or go home early. Joe ďAll HypeĒ Joyce!


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      Has Joyce been chin checked yet?


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        Joe cannot start slow vs Dubois. That will be his demise early if he does so. He needs to stick and move, watch the defense close throughout. Don't let Dubois get any stupid shots in. Both can be hit, that's been proven. We'll just have to see how this goes... who gets hit less. Many fans say it will be a Dubous blowout, but I see it as closer to a 50/50 fight. We'll find out this fall hopefully. Should be great while it lasts. The kind of fight fans can really get into.