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Comments Thread For: Fury: Joshua Refused Wilder Fight Twice - Scared of Being Chinned

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  • Comments Thread For: Fury: Joshua Refused Wilder Fight Twice - Scared of Being Chinned

    Tyson Fury is very confident in his ability to defeat his domestic rival Anthony Joshua in a unification battle of heavyweight champions. In the last few weeks, the camps of both big men have been discussing the possibility of a two-fight series in 2021.
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  • #2
    Lol Wilder refused the 100million DAZN contract to fight an old Ortiz and a drugged chater Fury . He wants no bussiness with AJ , he knows he would get cold early


    • #3
      I think they were both scared of each other

      Let's face it Wilder and Joshua are both glass chinned, Joshua is more accurate, Wilder faster, its a coin toss who lands first and shatters the others glass jaw.


      • #4
        Pulev and team Fury try and win mental wise, but Fury refused a fight with AJ and Pulev pulled out twice .

        Fights are won in the ring ,Wilder was the weak link so he was targeted . It will be interesting when AJ wins against both how he is diminished on here when Fury turns to be not that good all of a sudden ?


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          No, more like scared of not getting the best deal.


          • #6
            There's a reason why Tyson Fury didn't call out AJ for his 3rd comeback fight


            • #7
              1hourRun aka Elie, we need your expert opinion on "the facts" as you always claim to have. Fury vs Wilder 3, Fury by k.o. Gonna be another tough year for you.😂


              • #8
                Joshua is in for a
                Worse beating than Wilder got in the rematch!

                He doesn’t have that one punch KO power and his footwork is miles behind Fury plus he’s much slower!

                Fury could just let go combinations from afar and then smother AJ when he tries to get inside and bully him as he’ll tire quicker than Wilder cuz of all the muscles!

                AJ fans will btch like I did when Fury rag dolls AJ and makes him quit on his stool in 5!


                • #9
                  This druggie is lying. Wilder made so many excuses like demanding to know how much Joshua was being paid.


                  • #10
                    AJ and his team wanted nothing to do with Wilder, it was so obvious.

                    Fury had to go to America and save the UKs reputation.