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  • Comments Thread For: Caraballo: If Stevenson Thinks I'm Easy, It's Gonna Be A Long Night For Him

    By Keith Idec - Felix Caraballo couldn't say no. The call came a little less than a month in advance. And it was for a non-title fight in the division above featherweight, where the Puerto Rican veteran is most comfortable competing. But Caraballo is 33 years old, well aware that he is running out of time to make the type of impact in boxing he had planned...
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    When I saw this guy was fighting Shakur, I studied him. Kinda like a very poor man's Cotto. No disrespect to Cotto, because he's not close to him, but I can see his influence in the style. He's strong and throw combos, but a little bit slow. He has some nice sneaky shots, but i don't think he'll hit Shakur with any of that stuff. He also won't be too hard for Shakur to hit. If Shakur is sharp and improving on the same trajectory that he has been, i have him by stoppage in the middle rounds


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      It won't be, it'll end in the 8th if caraballo fights cautiously, and the 5th if he's aggressive.


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        felix this guy is better than mayweather


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          Guy isnt a kid and isnt old. He is going to try spoiling Stevenson. It's not on Stevenson to win he needs to win in dominant fashion. That's the pressure all elite fighters must face.


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            I sincerely hope Caraballo makes a fight of it. He has all the cards stacked against him and his only chance to win may be Stevenson totally overlooking him and even then it will be tough but all the best to him. He sounds like a good man who works hard and never had anything given to him.
            Personally, I'd love to see Stevenson upset since he is a coward who beats up women in parking garages. He's a solid prospect and I respect his skills but he seems like a total gobshi_te as a human being. Maybe he'll mature and learn some common sense and self control as he gets older.