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Comments Thread For: MTK Global Aims To Set Record Straight on Daniel Kinahan's Connection

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  • Comments Thread For: MTK Global Aims To Set Record Straight on Daniel Kinahan's Connection

    The present-day reinvention of Daniel Kinahan is threatening to come at the expense of the rebranding of MTK Global. A deliberate push has come in recent times to legitimize the presence of Ireland's Kinahan-a co-founding member of MGM (Macklin's Gym Marbella) along with former middleweight contender Matthew Macklin, which now runs as MTK Global under new management-as a respectable boxing figure. The campaign is far removed from that of which led to his distancing himself from MTK when it was bought out in 2017 from the company's other co-founder, former middleweight contender Matthew Macklin.
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    Our relationship with MTK has been tremendous, particularly with Dan who was the original founder of MTK and now is still an adviser to them.

    “He is our adviser, in effect"
    I think Dan’s influence (in boxing) is tremendous, because people trust him,” insists Arum.

    But Don King is the only gangsta


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      Complete smoke-and-mirrors. A little easy to do research shows what this guy is about. But, as usual in boxing, a blind eye is turned when convenient for $$$$.


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        He's involved in everything, but there is absolutely no connection between the two. Yea, right.
        It's more than obvious who's in charge of MTK. The same goes for that iFL TV and bent legged Kugan, both owned by mobsters. I unsubscribed as soon as I realized it.
        btw, Bob used to prosecute guys like this, now they're his "advisors". You can't make this shit up.


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          Excellent informative and update article.

          I never knew the complete story, but now I know the story. Good catch for the Writer.


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            Kinahan shouldn't be allowed to pull the wool over anyone's eyes and rebrand himself.

            Keep organized crime out of boxing.

            Shame on Bob Arum for doing business with him and giving him legitimacy. Although I'm not surprised because Arum is scum as well.
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              Nearly everyone is involved with these mobsters

              Its not just arum, hearn and sky have the mtk tournament.
              warren has loads of fighters from mtk and the shows in northern ireland are heavily involved with mtk as well.

              Pbc and golden boy are not involved