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I think we can all agree, Deontay wilder is finished + is a coward

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    He still can handle Martin, Hunter, Ruiz level guys.

    But he will never beat Tyson Fury.


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      Originally posted by i_am_a_champ View Post
      Aint that the truth

      This dumb ***** thinks shes roger mayweather
      Damn right bruh. They racist too


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        So he's a coward for getting in there with the baddest man on the planet? He didn't hang by the jockstrap either. He went tooth and nail in terms of toughness. He took his beating like a man, what else could he do? Those of y'all with extra estrogen should check his bank account. You wanna trade or so you want a brittish nut in your mouth? That's ok because Yee rabids have the best super heavyweight s in the world, not joking. Good thing you could hide behind your keyboard instead of saying it to a man's face. Nothing but haterade and bitterness for a classless, mean spirited and ****. I'm still amazed by tyson. He is a great hw.


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          I've criticised Wilder quite a bit on here in the past, but you cant call him a coward. He took his beating well and would have carried on if it wasn't for his corner. He is a limited fighter, no more, no less.