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Am I the only one that wants to see Crawford vs Mikey?

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  • Am I the only one that wants to see Crawford vs Mikey?

    I mean it's no big deal if he wants to fight Mikey instead of Porter.

    Spence fought him didn't he? And he shut him out, yes?

    That does not mean that Crawford would shut him out as well.

    It could turn out to be a very close and entertaining fight.

    Like it or not, Mikey is officially a welter. He will have two fights under his belt and fighting Crawford would make 3.

    Everyone is overreacting big time.

    Would I like him to fight Porter? Sure, but Mikey will do just fine.

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    Bud is a lot more technical than Spence. He will stop Mikey if they fight


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      Of course not, it would be a massive fight


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        Yes. Mikey is to small.


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          I don’t even know if Mikey can get past Vargas. His stubbornness is going to get him hurt if he stays at that weight and I think he will.


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            bro....porter said he has the greenlight.....right after you did your whole pre figh interview with ward a couple weeks ago and then had bradley on air calling out the pbc

            porter>mikey....porter best name on your resume by a long shot.....make the best fight you can....its put up or shutup time for crawford


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              No, it's a pointless fight. Hate to post this ad nauseam but some folks still don't seem to get it. Mikey's too small for 147, he is not a welterweight, he's a lightweight.


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                I dont like Mikey or Danny Garcia. Would willingly pay to watch Crawford **** either one of them up.


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                  Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter would be much better opponents for Crawford to prove himself at 147.


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                    Yeah you're the only one. The Spence fight wasn't really appealing nor would a Crawford fight be. Mikey is too small.for the weight