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  • Comments Thread For: BoxingScene Pound for Pound: July 2019 Update

    With a few months of results to ponder, it's time to reflect again on some of the very best of the best across the span of seventeen weight divisions. The biggest change comes near the top. While the physical talent has been seductive for years, Naoya Inoue's latest destructive victory in May over Emmanuel Rodriguez was particularly eye popping. He took a young, quality, undefeated opponent and obliterated him in two rounds.
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    Crying fan boys complaining that their heroes should be ranked higher coming in 3.....2......1......


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      Some monsters on that list.


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        Amir Khan should be on that list!


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          I hope Crawford gets the winner of Spence/Porter or Pacman/Thurman next. Just need the networks to do business together. Spence is a beast, but I would pick Bud.


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            I personally have loma and usyk ahead of Inoue.


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              First lost I've seen where Lomachenko isn't 1 or 2.


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                Any list that doesn't have a 4 belt unified lineal champ with canelos resume as p4p #1 is as biased & meaningless as can be. Theres millions of things up for debate but there should be zero debate from unbiased non ginger hating fans that canelo has rightfully earned to be called the best fighter on the planet,its an absolute travesty that loma is regularly called #1 p4p(by these biased writers who are fanbois) & has been since early in his career,that demonstrates clear bias towards white fighters but what else is new,mexican fighters have to do much more to gain the same amount of respect.(I know lomas elite acb)

                (I am american btw but I know prejudice when I see it & you got guys like Atlas/Rosenthal etc.(the writers association darlings) being biased as can be in favor of loma since day1 & they HATE ginger)

                Its altogether a joke that the lighter the weight a fighter competes in the more they are treated as the best despite the lower the weight the more part time the opponents of top fighters are. And the lower the weights of the fighters being lauded the more their resumes are full of mismatches & smaller guys.(they now got inoue as #2 gtfoh)

                Crawford is much more worthy of being p4p#1 than loma & yet everyone agrees his competition pales in comparison to nelos. Its as if top rank fighters are judged differently
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                  You know I really never understood what exactly is the criteria for these shlts. Like is there a common consensus? I feel we would see more accurate lists top to bottom with universally understood criteria.

                  People have talked about Demetrius Andrade being a p4p level talent but he never actually gets mentioned for these lists. I think at the absolute worst (I honestly don't even think it's any debate) he's clearly a better fighter than AT LEAST 5 fighters on this guy's list.

                  3x 2 division undefeated champion that's coming off of arguably pitching a shutout against what was considered to be his toughest opponent to date. Butu see the 5 who could be here, 5 for the future, with no mention of him & it's like "ughh.. really?"

                  I wonder if him beating GGG next is enough to get him on the p4p list but I digress..
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                    You literally can't make up this level of stupidity than to use the excuse that nelos wins should be disregarded despite this same exact website scoring it a draw in the 1st fight that was much closer. They then disregard Jacobs win as if these same fanbois didn't favor Jacobs to win beforehand & as if they warent saying hed duck jacobs because he was too big & openly admit they were looking to give him any close rds to cry robbery afterwards (Rosenthal spilled the beans).

                    The fact that these biased fanboi clowns claim canelo robbed ggg & therefore doesn't deserve to be p4p#1 demonstrates the hate is real. Boxingscene themselves scored the fights draws even though when you actually score a fight using the same criteria as the judges(aka if you actually have laced them up instead of being a know nothing writer) there was no doubt ggg lost the 2nd fight CLEARLY even though it was a good fight.

                    So now the Jacobs win meant nothing because it moved nelo below inoue ffs,so it must meant nothing. Now they say nelos ducking charlo/andrade despite these same clowns claiming jacobs was more dangerous & worthy.

                    If nelo beats charlo/andrade theyll just move goalposts 4 millionth time & they'll do the same with Kovalev even ffs,canelo can beat a lhw with 1 arm & theyd still claim hes #4,they were the same clowns crying nelos a weight bully but disregard Jacobs having a huge weight advantage & they also cried about ggg being cheated vs jacobs despite jacobs not breaking the contract then like v nelo
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