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Comments Thread For: Lennox Lewis Backs Split, Not Flat Fee, For Joshua-Wilder Fight

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  • Comments Thread For: Lennox Lewis Backs Split, Not Flat Fee, For Joshua-Wilder Fight

    Former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis is not in favor of the recent offers being presented to Deontay Wilder for a unification clash with Anthony Joshua. Wilder has been receiving flat fee offers from Joshua's promoter, Eddie Hearn. But Wilder wants a reasonable split, as close to a 50-50 split as he can get.
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    Here we go again. Same old shit, just a different day.


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      The whole world sees it through this lens too champ, unless you are a Hearn/Matchroom/AJ fanboy.


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        He always brings up Holyfield lmao


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          you would think the "best of the division" would fight more than twice a year!?


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            Tell your stooge Beyoncé to take the terms offered and make the fight happen, Brits never did warm up to you Lennox same way they loved Bruno who was far an inferior boxer boxer...I get, it must hurt been rejected! For once say something positive about AJ, you come across as a hater!


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              I say 60/40 in AJ’s favor, maybe even 70/30

              I have been saying for MONTHS that 35% is the OBVIOUS number to get that fight made

              1) Parker got paid 32.5%
              2) it was debatable whether Wilder was worth 40%
              3) it was obvious that Wilder would accept 35%.....

              ..... so, why didn't they offer Wilder 35%.....?

              then recently, even Fast Eddie slipped up and admitted that fact.....

              "At the moment I think a split of 65-35 in AJ’s favour is fair"

              wtf ???

              they could have EASILY made that fight by now

              now Wilder will want 40%, because now he is probably worth 40%

              Joshua will fight Dillian Whyte lol


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                No Joshua has all but one belt. Shout be 60/40 for Joshua, no less.


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                  The Hearn's and Joshua know that Wilder has a huge chance of flattening Joshua therefore because they are used to being greedy they want to continue.As The Hearns and Joshua say 'they run the show'......the don't as being proven right now .The Hearns are a pair of shyters with Anothony 'i'll sign tomorrow' not far behind.

                  The Hearns and co. took a gamble ,which they thought was an easy one, that Wilder v Fury would be a miss match and flop .They were wrong! it was a huge success with the majority of fans eager for the prospect of another exciting pick em fight.
                  Because of this 'little' mistake (Lol) the Hearns and Joshua have moved from the driving seat straight to the passenger side.If you do not to see this then tell me who Joshua is fighting next or Eddie if your show will take place at about missed opportunities .....ridiculous.


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                    Originally posted by BadMedicin3 View Post
                    He always brings up Holyfield lmao
                    It makes me wonder what the split was for his fight with