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Adrien Broner King of 135lb and where it went wrong

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  • Adrien Broner King of 135lb and where it went wrong

    Adrien Broner was once 26-0 and regarded as the best 135 lb boxer ever. He had recently destroyed the brilliant Gavin Rees 37-1-1 to cement this status. With other major wins over DeMarco, Ponce De Leon and William Kickett. He was already P4P Top 5. With many wondering whether potentially he was better than Floyd Mayweather.

    Broner had so much belief in his ability, that he wrongly skipped the 140 division, and went straight into 147, and not only that, straight for one of the big boys. World Champion and current P4P Top 10 Paulie Malignaggi.

    It was a great fight. In reality Paulie took it 116-112. But Broner was gifted a split decision. This fight was for the WBA world title and Jessica Corazon. Broner left with both leaving Paulie Malignaggi heartbroken.

    Consider Malignaggi for a moment, he had just put in the second best performance of his career, after Cotto. Won against the odds, had the win taken away from him, and lost the two loves of his life to a man that he despises. The WBA title and Jessica Corazon.

    But let's get back to Broner. This fight, even though he was gifted a win, took so much out of him, he was fighting a real man, a big tough warrior, in Paulie. It has affected his career massively, think about it. He could have stayed at 135/140 and feasted on garbage midgets like Lomachenko is doing (fighting the likes of 118 pounds, 45 years old, Rigondeux), and everybody would have called him the P4P #1. And right now, few have Broner even top 50. Even though Broner would rip out Lomachenko's heart and feed it to him at 135.

    Since the Paulie fight, Broner has lost three times, albeit at the very top level. To the world class Maidana, Porter and M Garcia. As well as good wins over Taylor, Molina JR and Granados, and a fair draw with Vargas.

    But at 135 Broner is, was and always will be the best ever. He just went too far and beyond in weight. It's like asking the greatest middleweight of all time, Gennady Godzilla Golovkin to fight a world class heavyweight like Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder. The weight and size would just be too much. I mean Sure, Golovkin could go up to heavyweight and destroy a Little guy like Mike Tyson. Face it, even Roy Jones JR went up and beat a tiny heavyweight for an alphabet belt.

    But back to Broner, and it's a shame about short memories that people have, here was a man, much better than Lomachenko, and now everybody forgets that, and are just remembering a man that tried to fly too high, too soon. Adrien Broner future Hall of famer.

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    Originally posted by cally83 View Post
    But at 135 Broner is, was and always will be the best ever.
    You cereal? Duran's sneer alone would deck Broner in the first round. LOL