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  • Comments Thread For: Joshua-Parker: Showtime's First Replay Peaked at 483,000 Viewers

    More viewers were interested in Anthony Joshua's fight against Joseph Parker than his previous appearance on Showtime. Their heavyweight title unification fight was watched by a peak audience of 379,000 and averaged 346,000 viewers Saturday, according to ratings released Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. Showtime's same-day replay of Joshua-Parker from Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, drew more viewers Saturday night than the live telecast (peak: 483,000; average: 430,000).
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    doesn't matter, half of the planet was packed in Wembly to see the greatest boxer alive! 2.5 billiion attendance record! broke an all time record for any type of money as it made more than Fort Knox!


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      Like I've been saying. Big fish, small pond.


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        Joshua is no more popular in the U.S. than Mikey Garcia or Errol Spence Jr.! Hearn needs to stop acting like he's negotiating Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, or Canelo vs. GGG, because Wilder and Joshua are not at that level! Pacquiao vs. Lomachenko would damn there triple Joshua vs. Parker! The narrative on Joshua vs. Wilder is changing RAPIDLY:

        Dan Rafael ESPN
        April 3, 2018:

        This is the fight that should happen next. Wilder and his team have been calling for it. They are not asking for a 50-50 split of the money (60-40 in Joshua's favor is more realistic and Wilder's team knows it) and they are willing to fight in the United Kingdom if that's where it will generate the most money, though it probably would generate more in Las Vegas than the U.K. because of higher ticket prices and an American pay-per-view revenue stream.

        Joshua said after the fight he wanted the match "Wilder, let's go, baby! Let's go!" he yelled after the fight while still in the ring. But his promoter, Matchroom Boxing's Eddie Hearn, continues to send mixed signals on if he is ready to legitimately sit down and negotiate the bout next or if he wants to have Joshua fight another fight this summer first while he continues to insult Wilder co-manager Shelly Finkel and denigrate Wilder's de facto promoter Lou DiBella.

        In a perfect world, which this is not, they will fight next, be it this summer or fall.
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          Nobody in America cares. A.J needs to build his profile.


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            The fact it looks like were probably gonna see AJ v Miller next in Brooklyn is gonna be interesting to see the number he does on a live primetime fight in the states.


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              $20 mil ain't peanuts but he can double that fighting Wilder in America. He can only make that much money by fighting Wilder & fighting him in America.


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                AJ vs Parker was an abysmal stink fest. this is AJ's second fight in a row now where he stinks the place out. how come Fat Dan hasn't written one article about how boring and unwatchable AJ is? he destroyed Rigo after the Donaire fight. but everybody is just pretending to be entertained because they have been slurping AJ for so long they can't turn back.

                I would've thrown a bag of dog sht at AJ leaving the ring. wasting people's money and time.

                the snoozefest of the century.


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                  I don't have Showtime subscription, but how heavily was the fight promoted? Those seem like terrible US numbers for Joshua. HBO would have doubled that amount at least.....


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                    Joshua definitely should think about signing with HBO. Those numbers are poor.

                    Klitschko vs. Fury did like 1M if i remember correctly and Klitschko Pulev did like 600K.