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  • Comments Thread For: Joel Diaz Confident: Terence Crawford Will Beat Errol Spence

    Veteran trainer Joel Diaz is very confident that Terence Crawford (32-0, 23 KOs) will defeat IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence (23-0, 20 KOs) - if and when that contest takes place. The hype is already starting to build for a Crawford vs. Spence showdown in the future.
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    I agree with diaz. spence is the boogeyman now. he supposedly crushes everyone with ease I'm not buying it. crawford has the style to give spence fits.


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      Crawford is a special fighter.


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        this guy is always wrong with his predictions lol spence **** on crawford with ease.


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          Bud will be the one to flatten the Spence hype wagon's tires!

          Errol is a really good fighter but Bud has all the checks to be the best of this era!

          I think he outboxes, then puts a clinic on Errol!

          Errol's offense is his defense especially his jab!

          Take away his jab and invade his holes in his defense then he'll instinctively come forward more just to land a big shot, Crawford will take advantage!

          Too quick, too smooth, too many weapons, and toolbox fill of skills for Spence!


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            I just donít see it. I know Crawford is great but I think Errol is too big, too strong, and a two handed lefty. That makes him dangerous. Crawford at times in the fight will look like the better fighter but I canít see it continuing for the duration.


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              Crawford, all day long!


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                Crawford vs Spence
                Pretty Boy Floyd vs Sugar Ray


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                  Crawford is no.1 p4p right now and if he sweeps out 3 names at welterweight and stays undefeated then he will be top 3 of all time behind Sugar Ray and Ali SIMPLE AS THAT

                  However 147 has always had the best fighters so this will not be easy


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                    pshhttt you guys are crazy!! hahaha no way does bud beat spence!! errol will walk straight through him and stop bud by the 10th round. errol is wayyyy to good at cutting the ring off and forcing you to fight his style of fight.. errol has wrinkles in his game that no one has seen as of yet.. everyone can say what they want about his past opponents but they were no pushovers!! he beat brook who beat porter.. he flatlined bundu who went the distance with thurman just 2 yrs prior.. he beat made lamont quit who i believe beat garcia and no one has put him in any sort of danger at all!! bud is coming up in weight and as we all know errol CRUSHES those who come up to his weight class.. good night bud!