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Comments Thread For: Ex-Trainer: With Me, Rigo May Have Shocked Lomachenko!

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    Only way that would have happened is if he entered the ring with a cattle prod.


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      unless his ex trainer could do heart transplants rigo would still have no chance


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        Originally posted by Ajvar View Post
        Actually he just said he is jumping to 135. Loma was at 126 when Rigo was at 122. Rigo jumped to 130 and Loma next year goes to 135. 2 weight classes It's not Loma's fault that Rigo was afraid to go 126 and stayed where he had zero good fights left dueto fair of his opponents.

        Loma was in the same situation at 126 but he went UP.
        You do know that lomachenko last weight in the amateurs was 132lbs? And he fought at that weight, if I recall correctly, at lightweight in the wbs. Not excusing Rigondeaux, I rode with him but knew he had too much against him. He quit and that was his choice, I didn't like it but I'll never question any fighter heart. Specially a 37 years old warrior with so many personal problems. lomachenk did what he was supposed to do. Win and win convincingly. Anything less we all be talking $h1t about him.


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          Quitllermo Rigonmeow- "I broke a nail , that's it I'm outta here, bring me my pink limo NOW!"


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            Originally Posted by PunchyPotorff View Post
            But, really, way too many obstacles for Rigo to overcome to expect a win. Inactivity, weight, injury, age...

            Originally posted by harwri008 View Post
            This is absolutely true but if Rigondeaux didn't quit like he did, some people would've given him the proper credit for at least trying.
            Obviously, but like I've said a bfore, not my place to second guess a fighter on that. Too big of a risk of permanent injury.