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Comments Thread For: Arum: Pacquiao-Vargas Will Attract Hispanic Fans Worldwide!

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  • Comments Thread For: Arum: Pacquiao-Vargas Will Attract Hispanic Fans Worldwide!

    Top Rank's CEO Bob Arum is anticipating the return of Manny Pacquiao (58-6-2, 38 KOs) to do very good business in the lucrative Hispanic market. Pacquiao will return on November 5th at the Thomas & Mack Center. He will challenge World Boxing Organization welterweight world champion Jessie Vargas (27-1, 10 KOs).
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    That's a bunch of Balogna... Nobody cares about this fight and it will be another PPV failure from top rank.


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      This shiz is going to flop hard.


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        Crawford vs. Postol did UNDER 50K??? DAMN!!!


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          No one wants to see this fight Bob you POS


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            Hey Bob I'm hispanic only way I watch this crap is if you pay me. Your getting senile


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              Bob is believing his own lies or he is trying to tell the network that they are doing the right thing investing in this horrendous fight.

              This will flop, Vargas is an unknown and hardcore boxing fans don't give him a chance either to win.


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                Cheery on top of cherri for poochuiao the cherry picker!

                The greatest ducker and cherry picker in boxing history continues his trend of cherry picking fights he and his team know he can win. A brief history to those ******s who truly believe that Pacman is a demi god:

                BRANDON RIOS: An absolute garbage fight. Rios was coming off a loss and was a 135Ibs fighter for fcuk's sake. Rios is a human punching bag to top it off

                ALGIERI: Prior to that fight, nobody on this planet knew who Algeiri was and it was a catch weight fight. One of many.

                MOSLEY: Was coming off a UD loss to Floyd. How the fcuk do you justify fighting a guy that was just completely beaten up?

                HATTON: Got destroyed by Floyd then spoon fed by Arum to Pacman.

                COTTO: Weight drained to fight at 145

                OSCAR: Weight drained to fight at 147

                CLOTTEY: WTF!! Another puching bag that just came in for a paycheck

                JESSE VARGAS: Why? Why not Crawford or Thurman or Brooks or a real WW?
                Pacman's record is littered with rematches after rematches (Marquez x4, Morales x3, Barrera x2, Bradley x3) - 12 fights Total.
                Lastly, why can't Pac fight a true WW?? How is he considered an all time great when he has done nothing to fight real contenders.


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                  I'm a big Pac fan who happens to be Hispanic and I will not be purchasing this fight.

                  I'm sure Vargas is going to give it his all. He always does. The reason why I'm not purchasing this fight is because we as fans have to start putting our foot down STOP paying for fights that we aren't asking for. Boxing is the only sport where they feel they can dictate what we want to see. The fans wanted Pac/Crawford. I would have gladly paid to see that matchup. Pac/Vargas is not a ppv worthy fight in my opinion.

                  Looks like I'll be saving a few hundred bucks this year on not buying ppv's. The only one I'm going to dish out for is Ward/Kovalev. Even if Canelo/Smith were on free tv, I'd only tune in if I had no other plans.


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                    Oh yay, another anti-Trump themed PPV. Ain't that right, Uncle Bob? :wanker: