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  • Comments Thread For: Things Not Going Well For Canelo, Golden Boy in Ongoing Trial

    The second day of testimony was not very favorable to former two-division world champion Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez and his promoter, Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions.

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    Canelo deserves to lose the case for what his excuse was. Didnt understand a legal document cuz it was in english????????? Cmon


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      all star with another knock down! a one-sided beat down so far lmao!


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        They're fucked.


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          Any chance this loses Oscar so much money that he's forced to put Canelo in with GGG later this year to make the money back? Or will him losing a bunch of money just motivate him to protect Canelo even more, because he's his only cash maker, and try to marinate the fight with GGG to make it bigger?

          Too bad Oscar doesn't get it, GGG-Canelo is just a stepping stone for GGG to get name recognition and move on to bigger things. It's not actually the fight. It's no grudge match. It's no style mystery. Everyone knows GGG is better, and if he does lose when they fight, everyone will know it was either because he was drained or got old. No one is ever actually going to think that prime GGG is not as good as Canelo at middleweight, so there's no mystery. With Floyd-Manny there was actually mystery and debate about who the better fighter was in their prime, plus Floyd was so unlikeable and so hard to hit, everyone wanted to see him against someone who would both humble him and actually hit him with hard fast shots. And they were the two fastest fighters on the planet, a laser show in the ring like we'd never seen before.

          At least, that's what it would have been in their primes. Canelo-GGG has NONE of that. None. Some people dislike Canelo now but mostly everyone realizes he's just going to lose so his promoters are scared to put him in the ring. Which goes back to my original point. This is a nice fight, two action fighters, one a good fighter, one a great fighter, and it's purpose is to give an entertaining fight where GGG beats a big name and can go on to hopefully more challenging fights at 168 before he's too old, which it's basically already too late because they waited too long (which was by design by all the opponents ducking him. Once again the strategy works and the boxing media puts no pressure on the fighters. If they're not going to get punished for using this strategy they're just going to keep wasting away the primes of the sport's most promising knockout punchers and we will never get to see what could have been).

          So GGG-Canelo should get over a million buys because GGG is boxing's new sensation, Canelo is Mexico's Orange Boy and top current fighter, and they have action styles, and they will promote it as boxing's next big fight and GGG's first fight against a star name. But it will never be Floyd-Manny or even Floyd-Canelo. It will never get that big. It's about as big as it's going to get I think.

          But Oscar won't take no for an answer, he's going to marinate this as long as possible even if it's just to get an extra 5k buys. I hope if he loses this lawsuit that it pushes him to make the fight immediately, but I think more likely it will just make him even more protective of his cash cow.


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            Anything to avoid GGG.


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              The PBC curse!


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                explans why they've been cherry picking except for the mayweather beat down and cotto gift. goldy needs to get that #15 million back into the company account


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                  canola and fishnets couple of lying scumbags


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                    Good. They should get the chair for the crime of shameless ducking shenanigans. The military executes people for cowardice and running away from the fight.