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Comments Thread For: Conor McGregor Praises Khan For Taking Big Risk Unlike Others

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  • Comments Thread For: Conor McGregor Praises Khan For Taking Big Risk Unlike Others

    UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor has hailed Amir Khan following the boxer's crushing loss to Saul Alvarez.

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    Awww, how cute. Birds of a feather get knocked out together.


    • #3
      Conor McGregor praises himself.


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        I hope Khan continues fighting for 10 more years. We'll have the greatest KO compilation in boxing history.


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          Khan is getting a lot of respect in boxing circles. As Jones stated, he deserves a reward for this move.


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            Khans a brave idiot

            He had no business fighting canelo when he hasn't even fought the best in his own division

            Connor and Khan both got their ass handed to them so I don't expect Connor to say any different


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              ok now lets see if canola has the stones to take the risk himself sanchez sez no and i think he knows of what he speaks


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                Its easy to post about fighters or critique them ,Connors right !Unless youve fought or have any merit involved its still always easier doing comments and not actually fighting !


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                  What has this world come to? We should not reward weakness.
                  Why would you praise someone for getting knocked his lights out or for being greedy and stupid enough to take a fight that had mismatch written all-over?

                  This is not a movie, it's real life.

                  Khan had no business being in there with Canelo no matter how well you think he was doing.
                  Khan should fight at 147 until he is ready for the next weight. His defence is not that great and he was getting caught by Canelo's left hook, so it was just a matter of time.
                  This should teach him conserve energy because and he spends too much of it in his movement.


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                    We should be praising Diaz on stepping up on a weeks notice no sparring or anything to choke you out