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  • Comments Thread For: Estrella TV Weights: de la Hoya 123.6, Delgado 123.4

    Diego de la Hoya looks to cap what has been a stellar 2015 run as he faces Giovanni Delgado in a scheduled eight-round bout Friday evening at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Both fighters made weight for the evening's main event, which will air live on Estrella TV, also streaming live on de la Hoya tipped the scales at 123.6 lbs., while Delgado came in slightly lighter at 123.4 lbs. [Click Here To Read More]

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    And this AGAIN proves my point that these prospects will only face each others leftovers! He is fighting Jo Jo Diaz's leftovers. And the leftover as usual has lost 2 out of 3 of his last 3 fights. Damn, how long can De La Hoya, Jo Jo Diaz, Oscar Valdez, Julian Ramirez fight each others leftovers before fighting each other???? If Golden Crap and Top Skank had 20 prospects in the same division and there were only 5 mediocre opponents in the world, those prospects would fight each of the 5 guys 20 times to avoid fighting each other!! Take off their damn training wheels and haul their little asses out of the damn kiddie pool and put them against each other to see who the real prospect are!! Enough of this damn SHT! Demand EVEN matchups!
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      Most of these guys are like 21-23. At that age, I don't mind these recycled opponents. One of these guys will distinguish themselves soon enough.