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  • Comments Thread For: Chavez Sr. on The Problems With Julio, Martinez Rematch

    The legendary Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. discussed the recent controversies related to his son, former middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (46-1, 32KOs). Julio Jr. suffered his first loss as a pro on September 15th in Las Vegas when he dropped a twelve round decision to Sergio Martinez. Afterwards, he tested positive for marijuana. The young fighter is now facing a suspension and fine from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

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    sr has spoiled the tomato can all his life. its time for sr to stay away. jr needs to start over and needs a new trainer. in my opinion the little success jr had in the fight came from his heart and not from frauddy roach.arum is the blame for this debacle too. julio high fraudvez jr can be successful but sr and roach should just go away.


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      He's a worthless pothead


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        snr had some good advice about smothering martinez to the left side. To bad chavez didn't take him seriously because he knows what he's talking about.


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          senior was right.


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            Slick boxers get KO'ed,,,just ask Roger Mayweather about the one he got KO'd in and the one he quit on his stool in with Chavez Sr.

            C. JR won't outbox him, we all knew this in the first fight.

            Jr made the mistakes

            IF he learns and sticks with the best trainer in the world for him and that is ROACH then by the time the rematch comes:

            C. JR KO's Martinez just like his dad said , early.


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              If Jr. faces Martinez again, he gets chopped up again. Martinez is going to be extremely cautious in the rematch and rely on his speed and agility, solely. He won't get careless at any point because the 12th round is going to be at the forefront of his mind all night. Sergio by wide UD.


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                Its Chavez fight to lose not Martinez's Martinez ran around like a chicken for 10 rounds,and the second Julio mounted a significant attck gaytinez was dying in there, a near knockout loss proves that the guy most likley to get stopped within the distance is martinez not chavez ,Martinez couldnt even wobble Jr,at 37 yrs old in a rematch Id rather be chavez than Martinez,just look at all the serious injuries martinez sustained,staples ,stitches broken bones and ligaments , If chavez trains like he did for Lee martinez doesnt make it the distance, besides after coming one punch away from a Knockout win do all the idiots think for one second Chavez jr isnt more confident ,sure of himself and fearless of a sissy like Gaytinez????? I certainly would be ,fighters that run always wind up getting stopped.The martinez brand has totally lost its aura of invincibility he can be hurt and broken and it doesnt take a whole lot either Chavez jr proved that.


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                  If they do fight again I see the same result but with out the knockdown.


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                    BOXINGFAN 76 said it perfect !!!!!! Why the hell should he fight him again when he almost knocked him out in one round when the idiot ballet dancer Martinez finally decided to stop acting like a chicken on the run. If I wanna watch ballet I do ...In boxing a wanna see a fight.. Retire Martinez or start ballet dancing !!!!