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  • Comments Thread For: “Fighting Words” – Heavy Doody: Fight Was ‘Rock’ Bottom

    by David P. Greisman - The only good thing about Alexander Povetkin’s non-fight against Hasim Rahman is that it didn’t last long.

    No one with a sound mind and without an allegiance to any particular participant wanted to see this one-sided mis-mandatory indefensible defense — featuring a limited but younger and much more capable Povetkin facing the aged, damaged shopworn shell of Rahman.

    No one but the most sadistic wanted to see a one-sided fight last longer than necessary.

    For years this heavyweight division has been defined by the two brothers atop it, whose continued domination make them the men to meet in order to make money, and the men to defeat in order to make a name for yourself. The first is feasible, the second improbable. Any winnings taken in by the losing challenger are the price he is paid to pay the price.

    The Klitschkos have faced nearly all challengers and beaten them. That has left a rotating pool of mostly middling heavyweights vying for title shots, all while various prospects work their way through the ranks until they get their own chance. This is why we’ve seen a cast of not quite ready for prime time pugilists interspersed with those far past their primes.

    Though Wladimir and Vitali hold the four major world titles between them, one belt does remain — the World Boxing Association’s “regular” trinket. Its owner, Alexander Povetkin, years ago had his own mandatory shot at Wladimir Klitschko, but never took it. First, he suffered an injury that canceled a 2008 fight with Klitschko. Then he declined a bout with Klitschko and instead later entered a back door into a world title. He has done little to distinguish himself despite owning it. [Click Here To Read More]

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    Rafael Marquez needs 2 pack it in, he's going down hill faster than Rahman &'s asking 4 permanent damge...can't his mnmgt c this??


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      WBA Needs Banished & Promoter Needs Banned!

      Rahman a mandatory challenger? Based on what?!!? This is nothing short of "corrupt" to promote such a mandatory fight, jeopardizing his health this way. It was a payday for the WBA, a payday for the Promoter, and Burial Expense Funding for Rahman who had NO chance in this fight, long before it took place. Why don't you see if you can bring back Tommy Hearns to fight Andre Ward, for a mandatory title defense?!!? I saw your recent video interview of the legendary Tommy Hearns on this website, speaking about the pension fund support for former fighters. Hearns interview might have been 5 or 6 minutes long, and bless his heart, I could barely understand a word he said!!! That's where guys like Rahman & Holyfield are going when your ONLY motivation is YOUR payday. The WBA and this Fight Promoter don't deserve to be in Boxing.


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        Maybe Rahman Needed A Payday; He Didn't Need A Beating As A "Mandatory" Challenger!

        Seriously, look at his face in this picture after just two rounds. At 39 years, he is no Klitschko. His health didn't need risked. At 39 years old, who has he dominated and beaten, to be considered a "Mandatory" challenger for a title???? This is serious malpractice by the WBA & the Promoter of the fight. MALPRACTICE! This is a glaring example for having TOO many organizations, TOO many titles. Sure they'll say Rahman passed a physical whatever that looked like. He's beaten nobody, years past his prime. You nearly got this man killed. These organizations and promoters are nothing but pimps to a majority of these fighters.
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