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  • Comments Thread For: Timothy Bradley Admits: I am Losing My Love For Boxing

    Tim Bradley was extremely confident throughout the lead up to his fight against eight division Manny Pacquiao. The new WBO welterweight champion's mantra was that he was going to shock the world and defeat Pacquiao despite being a 4-1 underdog.

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    bradley didnt win *****

    arum pimped his money grabbing azz


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      yeah because you lose that fight too. 99% of the people who watched that fight know you lose a one sided decision. Oh well, Let's move on.


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        LMFAO!!!!! He gives Pac his rematch LOSES and then calls it a career with that last huge paycheck.


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          He better find it again because Pac is coming for his ass in the rematch.


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            Don't blame him for being pissed off, nobody's giving him any credit whatsoever. Made me laugh about the bank balance though. Usually I'd think that was a bit crass, but I'll let him off with that one. Go spend some money Tim, you've earned it.


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              don't let it discourage you, kid, use it to stoke the fire inside.

              you'll get your props after it's all done and you hang 'em, i promise. you'll be remembered as a real damn fighter.

              some of us do appreciate all your hard work and everything you gave us in the ring that night.


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                could you imagine if i won the lottery , and complained about it?

                that is what tim is doing,

                dude won the lottery and is bitter and complaining like he earned or deserved


                come on tim, step up and ground yourself to the truth....


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                  It is ridculous at this stage since i saw the fight live too today ive had Manny a clear but competitive winner Tim does not deserve half the **** he is getting why arent people going off on the judges.


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                    Yeah, stay away from up and comer Thomas Dulorme because he'll whoop you with ease.

                    What an idiot, talking about how fat his bank account is and how he doesn't only wants big money fights. He has beaten nobody and is a boring, average fighter. I hope somebody knocks some sense into him soon because he's about to have a hard encounter with reality.
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