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Comments Thread For: Cleverly vs Karpency is Finalized For February 25th

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    Originally posted by daggum View Post
    not really much support if you are getting in for free is it? maybe moral support? you shouldn't support any garbage they shovel you. a so called world champ fighting a complete bum? why would you respect that? they are just making easy money off gullible fans. if more people refused to attend/watch these mismatch fights they wouldn't happen.
    I use usually go to the fights in my general area and have to pay.

    Being there is supporting it, one more person in the crowd.

    I give Nathan Cleverly a little bit of leeway because it is his first fight in his country since 2007 against the number 11 ranked fighter by the WBO

    Cleverly V Beibut Shumenov will be next I think.

    Beibut Shumenov and his team want Vegas but Warren had promised nathan a home fight.

    Why they couldn't have just thought in Cardiff instead I never know. both fighters would make more money and there would be a much larger crowd.


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      Warren knows Cleverly is limited.


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        I like Cleverly, but f**k him.

        I'm not watching this mismatch.


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          Karp gonna shock!!!

          Karp took Murat fight on real short notice... gonna suprise the heck out of Cleverly!!!!!!! Gonna be a good fight people.... just keep hating and be shocked fight night! I hope Clev has a good entrance show because the exit can very easily be a bad one. These guys got similar styles... Karp might be faster!