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  • Comments Thread For: Pacquiao: Mayweather Could Have Been in Trouble Late

    WBC president Don Jose Sulaiman believes the world wants newly crowned WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr to face pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao and he is ready to lend his good offices to help make the fight happen.

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    Come on you slack ass *******s , the heading is a straight up lie !!


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      If Ortiz stepped back reset after his last flurry before the incident he would have won that round. And when he actually let hit hands go he backed Mayweather up. But like I said I knew he had no chance because of his mental toughness and inexperience. I thought he was starting to loosen up in round four until he went ape **** with that headbutt.


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        i kinda agree. i think floyd would've won anyways but i think he really would've had a hard hard time.


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          Considering it was only the 4th round and Ortiz felt desperate enough to do that savage headbut, I'm gonna go ahead and say no.


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            Ortiz won rounds 2,4. Dipped mays legs on that last combo
            when may once again drove his elbow into vics throat before
            the stupid head butt.

            May can nit beat PAC. His footing was terrible and he

            was whiffing and missing punches.

            And Martinez would beat may as well.

            If may goes on vacation again it sobvious who's ducking who

            Floyd sucker punch mayweather has his opportunity or

            He can ride off into the sunset a punk


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              manny your won of my favorites, but nothing victor did, proved he would win that fight.
              he had a chance but alot of those combos, nothing landed, hence the headbutt.
              victor doesnt have a good enough chin, when your that badly out skilled, you need the stamina and chin that can go hard for 12 rounds. and i personally have never seen victor do that, he would get too sloppy and floyd would probably catch him in the late rounds and if he wanted to take the risk he would KO him.


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                Floyd is always seeming to get Cortez in trouble. But Cortez still defends Floyd and says he did nothing illegal? Was Cortez not looking at the fight illegal then? Because if you dont look at the fight how does he know Floyd didnt sidekick Ortiz in the head, when Oritz was laying down there?


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                    anything is possible in boxing. who knows ortiz could of caught mayweather like mosley did and then we would of had an interesting fight. unfortunately the way the fight ended we can never know.