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What IF: Sonny Liston vs. Mike Tyson

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  • What IF: Sonny Liston vs. Mike Tyson

    What IF former heavyweight champions Sonny Liston and Mike Tyson faced each other on their best night? Imagine Liston and Tyson staring each other down seconds before the first round. Other than possibly former heavyweight champ George Foreman, Liston and Tyson were the masters at psyching out their opponents before the fight. Ironically, it was Liston's lead that Foreman and Tyson both emulated when it came to playing the intimidation game.

    In recent years Sonny Liston and Mike Tyson have often been compared to each other. They both were tremendous two-handed punchers, and both demonstrated a sturdy chin. They also had their share of run-ins with the law, and both served time in prison. It seemed the safest place for them was in the ring, with its legalized mayhem. However, there were also several differences in how they were brought along and how they were perceived by the public. [details]

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    very well written man. I agree with you totally. Sonny was not afraid of anyone and would be able to take care of mike. The only way he might go down is if tyson was able to really connect right on the button with one of his hooks or uppercuts. Id go with Liston KO 6


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      [[[What IF former heavyweight champions Sonny Liston and Mike Tyson faced each other on their best night? ]]]

      Simple, Liston would be one of the smaller fighters Tyson ever faced and would be slow enough that Tyson could step inside that jab and unleash his combos to deadly effect. After that happens a few times the dog in Sonny comes out and he stays down after a KD. I don't see the fight lasting 4 rounds.

      36 yr old Sonny could take 36 yr old Tyson though. At 36 Sonny was still working for a living, where all Tyson does is make promotional appearances in the ring to collect his payday.


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        I agree with the author. Liston's jab would give Tyson too many problems, and the man had so much in his aresenal beyond that. Mike wouldn't want any part of the hell he'd catch in the ring with Liston IMO. Tyson had the tools to beat Liston but lacked the balls.


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          Wrong, wrong, wrong. Remember, the author is talking about the "best" Tyson and "best" Liston.

          What bothers me is when discussing a Prime Tyson people always resort to the "Tyson had no heart" or "Tyson couldnt beat someone who had a jab and stood up to him"...

          When we talk about Prime Tyson, we talk about someone who could get inside a strong jab, who wasnt intimidated, and who did not give up. This was a man who believed in his abilities that he didnt always try for the KO...example: Mitch Green...

          The prime Tyson was able to neutralize a strong jab because of his movement...and dont forget Tyson's jab was very effective, very underrated. It allowed him to get inside...he could double and triple it up so quickly...

          Plus...Whereas when Liston fought he was a huge guy...he would be small compared to most of the guys Tyson fought.


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            If Mac Foster could floor Sonny, then Tyson would annihilate him in three to four rounds.
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              Liston wouldn't have been able to handle Frank Bruno. Over the decades, boxing has evolved. The hard chins and heavy hands of classic champions have been replaced with ring savvy and technical perfection. Not only that, I find Listons classic fights to be very unimpressive. Tyson was an example of deadly perfection in power punching. I can't imagine Liston surviving the first round.
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                Oh, Sonny would make it through the first round alright. He was a very good fighter; however, he did not have the skills nor size to handle Tyson. Tyson's footwork and defense, two things overlooked when often discussing Tyson, would make the difference here. Both men punched extremely hard and both had great chins. The angles Tyson created through his amazing footwork and the fact that he was as close to unhittable during his prime as anyone ever was would make the difference. Sonny was too slow to keep up with Mike.


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                  It's obvious mike would destroy him way to slow basic and easy to read only crazy trolls say son

                  The people who gave Mike trouble boxed from angles and had good footwork and wasnt slow of hand son was none of this so no he wouldnt win so why say it like people don't watch matches son would be destroyed
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