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Comments Thread For: Dmitry Pirog Hopes Martirosyan Fight Will Land on ESPN

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  • Comments Thread For: Dmitry Pirog Hopes Martirosyan Fight Will Land on ESPN

    Russiaís only world champion Dmitry Pirog (18-0, 14 KOs) continues his rest following a tough outing against Argentinean challenger Javier Francisco Maciel (18-2, 12 KOs) in late March. WBO middleweight champion Pirog didnít look his best against determined and somewhat awkward challenger getting a not-so-convenient unanimous decision over twelve rounds. Konstantin Ustyantsev of contacted the champion and spoke with him regarding his future plans. And future changes in his entourage as well.

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    ohhhhhhh...Gennady Martirosyan...i thought it was Vanes


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      Wish every fighter where like pirog,Hes such a good guy.


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        Williams gets KOed, and his next fight is on HBO.

        Berto loses, and his next fight is on HBO.

        Pirog wins by spectacular KO, but Greenburg and Davis won't allow him back on.


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          But i think this fight should be in russia.I dont know why the russian
          people dont support him.I would like to see pirog fight rubio,lee,manfredo,


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            damn that'd b a pretty good fight 4 ESPN.


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              Finally a sign of Pirog, who I admire for his technique and ring intelligence. Even when unmotivated or apparently hurt prior to the fight, he looks comfortable and relaxed.

              He comes across with the right attitude. By wanting to fight the best you have to make sacrifices, obviously his sacrifices are monetary this time. One can derive that he does not simply talk about his goals, but there are different offers and rejections that seem to slow down an American comeback fight.

              Wish him all the best and whether he's fighting in Russia or America, come back as soon as possible. This style is the sweet science in its pure beauty!


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                Originally posted by -MAKAVELLI- View Post
                ohhhhhhh...Gennady Martirosyan...i thought it was Vanes
                Boxingscene pulls that trickery again.


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                  Don't care what network it's on, just glad to see he's talking about another fight so soon.


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                    I like the idea of putting a fight on ESPN. Put more fights on basic cable to gain more interest in the sport. Their's not enough exposure for boxing anymore.

                    It'd be nice if Pirog looked good and won by devastating KO on ESPN.