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  • Comments Thread For: Nonito Donaire Can’t "Weight" to Fight

    By T.K. Stewart - The weigh-in process, held in the Shimmer Showroom at the Las Vegas Hilton for the Pinoy Power 3/Latin Fury 13 pay-per-view card, was supposed to have begun yesterday afternoon somewhere between 3:00pm and 3:15pm.

    But by the time 3:45pm came and went there was still no sign of the ‘A’ side of the main event - Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire. These well orchestrated affairs usually begin at the appointed time, which led to speculation that Donaire was somewhere behind the dark curtain or still locked in a sauna making a valiant attempt to sweat off the last few ounces he would need to in order to make the 115-pound weight limit ahead of his title bout tonight against last-minute sub Manuel Vargas.

    The 350-seat Shimmer Showroom is the new home of comedian Andrew “Dice” Clay, who began a 28-week run here last week, but the situation with Nonito Donaire and his problems in making weight is no laughing matter. He was 123 pounds on Tuesday morning before a run the UNLV outdoor track, which meant that with only three days to go - he still needed to drop eight pounds.

    He has been surviving on nothing more than soup, apples and bananas in the days that have led up to this fight. His original opponent, Gerson Guerrero, fell out Wednesday after failing an eye exam. A couple of hours later, Top Rank, Inc. who is the promoter of tonight’s marathon card, found Manuel Vargas somewhere in Mexico. It just so happened that he had been training for another bout, also scheduled for tonight. Promoter Bob Arum said of Vargas, “He jumped at the chance.” [Click Here To Read More]

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    Very excited for this fight !


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      Donaire doesn't need to abuse his body any more. He should move up to 122.


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        Why does he need to stay at 115 if he can't make it? Step up the higher weight classes Donaire.


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          He is just following his contract, i think after this fight he will now personally demand to fight in higher weight class bec. of weight issues.


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            Fight a big name after this Nonito, or leave Arum for failing to secure big fights.


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              He needs to move up.
              fair play for actually aking the weight and showing some proffesionalism.

              why the hell was he living on fruits and soup. Bananas will hold your weight he would have been better goin onto lean proteins , egg whites and shakes etc to drop the weight at the end


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                From what they described it sounds like what he is doing is similar to what a lot of pros do to make weight, but that doesn't make it healthy and that doesn't mean it won't inhibit his performance or shorten his career if he keeps doing it.

                If I were him, I would move to 122 lbs after this fight.


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                  123? Wow I'm surprised, this guy should be fighting at least at bantam, of course he won't fight Hasegawa but he should.


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                    i hope hes alright thats alot of weight to be losing. he has good skills and power i think he can beat some of those bantamweights and jr feathers. i think he will it just takes time. i hope he wins tonight though