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“Fighting Words” – Time Trial: Deconstructing the First Night of the Super Six

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  • Borko
    Id have to agree with u malt liquor, i knew even before the fight that if dirrell didnt score a knockout he was not going to take a decision. i cant help but think that froch kept tossing dirrell with ease

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  • Walt Liquor
    Some politician blasted Vitaly in the face? Dude has huevos....

    Dirrell should have definitely won that fight, I rewatched 2x and can't see how Froch got the decision.

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  • “Fighting Words” – Time Trial: Deconstructing the First Night of the Super Six

    by David P. Greisman - Being a boxing writer is a life of self-sacrifice. I’ve given up the Saturday night social life for the weekly practice of watching grown men pummel the heck out of each other.

    I’m not complaining.

    The last time Carl Froch and Jermain Taylor fought, they did so in my neck of the woods, with me at ringside to see Froch scoring a dramatic come-from-behind victory over Taylor. The next time they fought, they did so an ocean away from me, Taylor facing Arthur Abraham in Germany, Froch defending against Andre Dirrell in England.

    For the first two bouts in Showtime’s “Super Six” tournament, with a nod to syndicated columnist Norman Chad, I took notes in real time:

    8:06 p.m. Eastern Time Saturday: Is that Steve Albert doing blow-by-blow in Germany, or Buddy Holly?

    8:12: Jermain Taylor walks to the ring to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” One more loss and he’ll leave the arena to the tune of “Beat It.”

    8:15: Arthur Abraham’s entrance begins. The Scorpions, an arena-rock band from Germany that was big in the 1980s, plays live from ringside. I guess this beats Abraham’s old entrance music, which was (no joke) “The Smurf Song,” by Father Abraham.

    8:18: Abraham descends from a contraption that had been hanging from the rafters, wearing what appears to have once been a llama. [details]