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  • Comments Thread For: Six steps to a boxing utopia (Part II)

    In the second of a six-part guide to boxing utopia, we focus on the implementation of an independent rankings body
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    You can implement an ELO system quite easily but the only problem is pools of isolation where certain fighters only fight within their group and no one moves between them like the PBC or RJJ at SMW. You need at least a number of common opponents to move between groups for it to work.


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      The TBRB rankings are independent and seem to be respected by most real fans.

      Expand the rankings to 15. Start with all the guys ranked by the 4 major organizations.

      Find the average rank and make them your top 15.


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        Apparently the writer believes in pie in the sky


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          You’ve used a picture of Eddie Hearn. There is no boxing utopia with his annoying ass around lol.


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            The author should have a link to the first part of the series and all subsequent parts, for those who want to go back and read it


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              There is also the problem of sanctioning organizations holding conventions at exotic luxury resorts, paid for by specific promoters. For example, Don King used to regularly pay to stage the WBC conventions. I don't need to point out the conflicts of interest there.