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  • Comments Thread For: Referee And Judges Confirmed For Taylor-Catterall II

    The officials for Saturday's rematch between Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall have been confirmed, BoxingScene understands.
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    Even tho I had catteral winning the first fight and felt he was unlucky not to get the nod I can see why it didn't go his way obviously in the last 4-5 rounds in the fight he was just coasting and being negative where as Taylor was trying to be the aggressor, and even tho he wasnt landing to much stuff like that sways judges. Not saying it's right but it's what happens

    So if he wants to get the win this time he's gotta try make a impact in every round because Catteral is someone who can take his foot of the gass he did it recently against linares aswell who was pretty much there for the taking at that stage of his career.
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      I think Taylor is done. in his day Catterall would be just another win for him. but now, he may not have enough to even beat him.


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        does anybody care anymore?

        the era of the belts with these guys is gone which takes a shine off the fight, twat face taylor got away with it and got his gift decision as is usual with boxing and ran and ran after then eventually selling out to teo in NY for a very undeserved payday

        now the fight is just between a clearly past it taylor and a guy very few people really know or care about who does actually deserve a bit of a payday from it if it turns out that way


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          No Ian John-Lewis Jr?


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            at least they dont like each other, the two fighters as far as the judges and the ref goes dont leave it to them even if you have to do something dirty just get it done in the ring.