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Comments Thread For: Chris Algieri's School Of Thought: Fury Has Every Reason To Believe He Can Win The Rematch He's Targeting With Usyk

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  • Comments Thread For: Chris Algieri's School Of Thought: Fury Has Every Reason To Believe He Can Win The Rematch He's Targeting With Usyk

    During his post-fight interviews Tyson Fury was very sober about how his fight with Oleksandr Usyk went, and he was gracious in defeat, so the news that he intends on activating his rematch clause comes as no surprise.
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    Good analysis! This was one of the best fights we have seen in years. Both Fury and Usyk showed heart and ring IQ. This fight must have taken a lot from both of them. These guys are equally skilled and equally gutsy. I give the edge to Usyk because he seems to be more disciplined, but kudos to Fury as well.


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      Funny,but I think it’s a terrible analysis! 116-111 Usyk clearly.Algieri and I saw different fights .
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        I don't see how the judges or Algieri or anyone else could score the 12th for Fury. It's like a pity-score. Or, in the case of the judges, a way to keep the outcome closer than it actually was in order to fit the narrative and make the demand for the 2nd fight higher (which isn't necessary because it was a really good fight and I'd welcome part 2 regardless). Fury did some good work in the last minute, but Usyk did the most work in the first 2 minutes and nice work in the last minute, too.


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          Fury hurt Usyk a few times with body punches, probably inspired by the body punch that Dubois dropped Usyk with in their fight.
          In going to the body one time to many he left his face exposed, and Usyk caught him with a left that hurt him.
          Usyk took full advantage of the situation, and he pressed him aggressively to the point of having him stumbling all over the ring.
          It was a great win for Usyk, that doesn't rule out a win by Fury in a rematch if makes some changes in regards to fighting Usyk.


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            I said after Ngannou Fury's leg's are gone & undesputed showed he's lost a step & is no longer the sharp twitcher he was, Wilder & inactivity knocked that out of him.
            So it's a Big If Fury could win a rematch but if he does that will be the 3rd world number 1 he's defeated as the underdog, who else in the division has done that in this era of using money to block fight's?
            Fury needs to rewatch Usyk Bellew & do more of the body countering they both had success with.

            Oh yeah, cringe Fury senior should be nowhere near his son or the camp or involved in any way in his son's life until after what remains of his career.
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              For me:

              116. 112

              Usyk 1,2,8,9,10,11,12
              Fury 4,5,6,7

              Rd 3 10:10

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                Chris is right , like the razor thin decision in the first fight , there will be little to split these two well matched warriors in the rematch , roll on October when these two battle it out again in another pick 'em . I'm going for a Tyson stoppage win this time , with no fooling around , but I won't bet on it!


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                  So Algieri is now a Fury fanboi,sad . They’re as pathetic as Wilder fanbois.


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                    “Every great heavyweight has lost.​“

                    I think you’ll find Marciano never lost Chris.