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Vasly Lomachenko vs George Kambosos - ESPN+ - Fight By Fight Thread

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  • According to Boxrec, Goodall KO'd Opelu in the 10th Rd and Ahio took out Big Daddy in the opening round
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    • I grant Kambosos was outclassed and outskilled from the getgo. He got beat to heck by feather fist Haney twice, who should have lost to Loma.

      But it's pretty clear Loma would be undisputed champ if he'd taken the fight instead of Haney in '22, and I doubt Haney would have gotten the win as B-side. Loma didn't look like a 36 year old tonight, and thank goodness he didn't seem interested in leaving it to the judges. He may have beaten Kambosos into retirement.

      NGL, if Loma can run the Vaquero/Shakur/Tank gauntlet, as a 36-37 year old on the final run of his career, I personally think there's no question that he's an ATG. That's an absolutely brutal road to undisputed.
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      • Pedro Regina didn’t win chit
        My guess is the WBC doesn’t enjoy having Maloney as champion


        • Originally posted by _Rexy_ View Post
          Never seen them do someone’s ****ing BACKGROUND anthem
          I recall Andy Ruiz having the Mexican anthem before his fight with Joshua but yes this was totally unnecessary.
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          • Originally posted by low blows View Post

            I recall Andy Ruiz having the Mexican anthem before his fight with Joshua but yes this was totally unnecessary.
            Damn I don’t remember that. That’s so dumb


            • Originally posted by Cypocryphy View Post

              Bradley has been doing pretty bad lately, even for Bradley standards. I wasn't here on the forum for the Garcia and Haney fight, but watching Bradley spout all that BS before, during and after, was cringe to umpteenth degree.
              I don't know if it's just being tasked with commenting without ever being questioned or challenged on your statements, or having to always come up with things to say. Either way, it's a lot of talking and more than I would care to do.

              He did seem more low key when he started commentating. But he prob wasn't fully comfortable yet. Plus Ward balanced it by challenging his view sometimes.
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              • Originally posted by ELPacman View Post
                Horrendous telecast. Commercials before the rd nearly ended. Commercials still going when the rd starts.

                Talk about taking you out of the excitement and moment. One of the worst I've ever seen. Then Loma wins and they immediately cut to basketball newscast, rofl. Without a doubt, the worst boxing telecast I've seen in my life.
                I liked the camera footage between the ropes, like a kid spying something through a hole in the fence. Or maybe the overhead camera that just shows two round heads punching. Or the camera behind Kambosas back when he's stuck in the corner and I can't even see if or where Loma was landing.

                It isn't rocket science, but they keep doing it wrong.


                • Originally posted by -Kev- View Post
                  Yikes, ref missed the first KD.
                  But Loma did it again so he'd see it. Went right for that body, crisp.