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  • Comments Thread For: Arum 'Nervous' For Inoue Ahead Of Clash With '****er' Nery

    TOKYO - Promoter Bob Arum said he feel nervous ahead of Naoya Inoue's big night at the Tokyo Dome against Luis Nery.
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    Originally posted by FinitoxDinamita
    It’s laughable when dudes talk about how Inoue needs to fight in the states to reach next level. Umm no he fkin doesnt, not in his weight divisions.

    Everybody is lining up to go to Japan for Inoue Jackpot now.
    Same reason why Fulton flew all the way out there rather than having Inoue come here. Fulton got paid life changing money but had he fought Inoue anywhere in America, he would have fought in front of tiny ass crowd for low six figures.

    Nery too. He will be getting that ass whooped with a smile on his face knowing that he’ll take home a fat check. Money that he will never see in the states.

    This is the same reason why it took so long for Gonzalez-Estrada 2 to materialize. They each wanted a million yet no promoter in America were willing to put up that kind of money. And who could blame them when there is very small market for the lighter weight divisions.

    Japan is the place to be for guys below 126.
    Personally, I don't know why more small guys don't go out to Japan to start their career. It worked great for Linares.

    guys like Fulton or Aleem could have built up quite the fanbase and bank account over in Japan with their skills. And they'd be kept active too. Aleem with only 4 fights in the last 4 years is BS.
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