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UK boxing fans watching US-based fights at home

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  • UK boxing fans watching US-based fights at home

    How do you manage with that time difference?

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    I generally watch a replay in the morning now, my sleep routine is a priority.

    I used to stay up all night for some fights (e.g. Mayweather - Pacquiao), set an alarm for some or get my US friend to WhatsApp me to wake me up when it was starting (e.g. Canelo - GGG).

    I messed up and accidentally slept through many. I was a big Hopkins fan and waking up on the sofa to the last few rounds of the Tarver fight was devastating.


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      when sky show international fights i avoid the result and watch it in the morning cause you can record from the box.... unless its a superfight like pacquiao vv mayweather there is no chance i am getting up at 4am plus paying PPV to watch a fight, which is what DAZN were asking for last night with garcia v haney


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        Sometimes I stay up through the night but I often just set and alarm say half an hour before the main event.


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          i stay up all night. main events start at around 6am here.


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            I'm pretty nocturnal so I stay up usually. I might have a night out with friends, and aim to get back home just before the main event.


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              I usually don't bother unless it's a fighter I'm seriously invested in.

              It's the undercards that get you, you'll make it to 3.30am and then they trot put two lightweights who can't knock the skin off a rice pudding and that's it for me.

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