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Comments Thread For: Oscar Valdez: 'Tough' Jaime Munguia 'Not a Walk in the Park' for Canelo Alvarez

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  • Comments Thread For: Oscar Valdez: 'Tough' Jaime Munguia 'Not a Walk in the Park' for Canelo Alvarez

    Oscar Valdez is fresh off a resounding seventh-round knockout win against Liam Wilson, The WBO's interim 130-pound titleholder Valdez is already anticipating fights against a group headlined by Luis Alberto Lopez and O'Shaquie Foster.
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    This is a more winnable fight for Mungia than a lot of people think. Mungia has power , a hell of a motor ,and a good chin. He's a very live underdog in my opinion.
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      The people saying Hime bumgia can win are the same people who said Devin haney was P4P


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        Munguia has been protected until he got a fight like this. He has no marquee wins and has struggled when the level of opposition has gone up.


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          Munguia won’t be easy but spare me the weak ass argument that benavidez is just some other guy people are claiming canelo is ducking. He is THE guy canelo should be fighting, this was the perfect t time for the fight, he was the most deserving and would’ve done the best business. Especially he was willing to take a much lesser cut than he deserved an no ppv upside. This was an embarrassing duck and anyone saying otherwise is either ****** or delusional.
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            Mungia is and has been the sacrificial lamb that had been raised for years to be offered up to canelo. Best wins are old derv (who had him out on his feet for a whole round) and a Ryder who was on the brink of retirement. In no way shape or form has he earned a shot at the undisputed supermiddleweight crown,but that's boxing.