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Comments Thread For: Devin Haney Will Eclipse Gervonta Davis as Face of Boxing, Says Father

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  • Comments Thread For: Devin Haney Will Eclipse Gervonta Davis as Face of Boxing, Says Father

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    "We did what it takes to make the fight happen"

    So nothing? Hankey is on record saying Ryan literally gave him everything to get the fight done. So not like you guys did much
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      Another recycled article
      I think Bill is losing his fughin mind
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        Lmao!!! Pitty-pat..hold and run Devin will never hold Tanks or Canelos jockstrap!!! Nobody paying to see him fight without an A side Hispanic or Tank in the other corner! His Dad is actually willing to make himself look like an ignorant turd to try and sell tickets!! Sad. His bs about “doing business with every promoter” equates to The Haneys bending over to A side to get a big fight bc Devin obviously can't do profitable numbers on his own.
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          For the life of me I don't know why Hankey....I mean Haney (fuq you Teeto) insist on losing out on millions of dollars by not doing business with Al.I'm including Ryan in this also. The blueprint for Devin vs Ryan was Tank vs Ryan on a traditional American PPV network. That fight generated 1.4 PPV and a 22 milly gate. DAZN is not even going to generate 1/4 of that. Oscar and Papa Haney should have pushed for that to be another Prime and Dazn shared fight. They are leaving tens of millions on the table. I just don't get that shyte!


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            Man… guys like Tank, Ryan Garcia and Jake Paul get all the headlines.
            Meanwhile the best in sport are barely spoken about. (Well comparatively anyways)

            I actually like all of those guys and am happy about the eyeballs that they bring. I just wish the sport did a better job of showcasing its talent.
            MMA (combat sports in general?) has the same issue. Remember back in 2016 when Conor McGregor became double champ and was on top of the world? Well that idiot has won a single fight since then and that’s it. He’s still the guy who gets all the headlines though!

            Lol… my apologies to the Stank fans that will be offended at him being included in this group.


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              I came here to ask, in the name of any good thing that's left in boxing, can we stop posting a thread for every ****** thing that pukes out of the Bill's mouth?

              He's a wanna be. He's cringey. And hearing the things he says lowers my IQ.

              Can we move on to other topics?

              Also, I dont think Davis is the face of boxing anyway.


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                The title is so inaccurate because first of all, tank ain’t no dammm face of boxing lolTMT really just began slapping a price tag for fights and leading up to that point, hadn’t even fought the top guys. I don’t understand it because like others I ain’t buy it. Think it, relative to his weight class, fundora is facing and defeating better competition and he was just on ppv.


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                  Bill haney is more famous than Devin is. That says it all.
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                    No way, you gotta get a few knockouts, Regis was there for the taking and he went into his shell, he lacks killer instinct and the fans know it.
                    Pitbull Cruz is probably more popular than Devin.