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  • Comments Thread For: Devin Haney Has Two Battles This Week, In The Ring And At The Box Office

    Success in boxing is often measured as a victory, but for the 25-year-old seeking to make this next decade his era, the result that follows days later will trigger the same nervous anticipation that accompanies judges rendering a narrow fight. For unbeaten Devin Haney, Saturday night's WBC 140-pound title defense against Ryan Garcia is a referendum on his popularity, and the most tangible measuring stick of that are pay-per-view buys.
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    Bill all over the net begging fans to buy tickets
    This is becoming sad


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      It'll bomb for sure but it could still trend if hankey actually puts on a good performance and makes cryan quit. Sometimes whether a fight bombs they can hope for it to trend.
      The tszyu-fundora fight absolutely bombed but puppy cruz blew up everywhere. Dude started trending on tiktok and youtube.

      So it's all up to hankey if he wants to make a statement and either win a boringass decision per usual or stop cryan by ko or making him quit. It'll be better if he does it before stank did


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        Now I want Garcia to win just to get rid of Bradley.
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          Well yeah, in professional boxing it takes two draws fighting each other to bring the public's attention. Plus Davis and Garcia had two platforms where people could see the fight.

          Doubt people wanna see such a lopsided fight in favor of a much more skilled fighter whose style is not that fan friendly to the casual viewer with Ryan displaying weird antics that imply he isn't even committed to winning.

          Prograis though not on par in talent compared to the current crop of light welterweights, was a quite entertaining 140 pound champion, yet Haney vs Prograis did about 50,000 pvp views. Most either streamed it or seen the highlights I think.
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            Imagine a fight with Ryan, where the fans won't even come out to support him because they don't find his opponent in anyway entertaining, lol.

            Granted, Ryan's last opponent wasn't much either, but at least it wasn't on PPV... You're asking fans now to pay to see Ryan in there against an opponent that they know won't provide much fireworks. It's really a meh fight.


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              So unless Haney sells he brings nothing for Tank .But Benavidez doesn’t sell and Bradley gives him a pass . Why the double standard? Benavidez also brings nothing for Canelo,but Bradley calls Canelo a duck .Cmon Tiny Tim,let’s keep the same energy!