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  • Comments Thread For: Action, Not Words: Beterbiev Says Little Ahead Of Bivol Clash

    As if a 20-0 start with 20 knockouts and three light-heavyweight belts isn't enough of a feat, Artur Beterbiev Monday apparently set out to record a world record for fewest words spoken at a press conference by a major boxing headliner.
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    War Beterbiev

    All his talking is done in the ring

    He knows , ask him lmao
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      how do u take someone to school in a faceoff?


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        there is more on the line that both think, ***** is sending the loser to the front line
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          So we have a unification at hw and lhw which is great for the sport because the rest of the divisions are in disarray. Nobody really cares about cruiser. The unified champ at 168 being a puss and refusing to make the best fight available. Mw is a wasteland with ggg basically being retired and charlo being a fat alcoholic. Jmw is in shambles thanks to charlo chasing the pay day. Crawford abandoned welter with an excellent mandatory on the table. 140 is loaded with champions but nobody is fighting each other while Haney is fighting a mentally deranged non champion who’s a quitter. At 135 it’ll be a decade before tank and shakur probably face.


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            Bivol Boxing Clinic on June 1st


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              Both special fighters. Despite his age, I favour Beterbiev.
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                Great fight one for real boxing fans, any idea how much they getting paid?

                Im going with bivol by clear decision on this one


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                  Beterbiev is shook

                  He knows he's getting his ass beat by a superior boxer

                  Ofc he doesn't talk, he knows that If he talks ****, he'll look even worse after losing the fight

                  Bivol by wide UD
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                    Why should he talk. Too much talking nonsense would backfire. He can`t say he will destroy Bivol, he would look even more ****** if he loses.

                    Well, if he wins, the win will speak for him.