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Comments Thread For: Devin Haney Applauds Ryan Garcia For Easy Negotiations: 'He Gave Me Everything I Wanted Without Resistance'

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    Originally posted by Oregonian View Post
    Garcia was matched precisely right. So when do you suppose he should have fought Tank and Haney.
    Garcia is 25 years old and you want him “matched right” and meanwhile, Boots is 26 years old and is getting criticized by casuals for fighting “nobodies”.

    Garcia is literally in his prime. He got beat by Tank because Tank is just better than him. If Garcia beats Haney, it will mean he is just better than Haney.

    Boxing fans are incredulous!
    He got beat by Tank because Tank weight drained him with a catch weight AND a Rehydration clause.

    By the way Tank is the first fighter EVER to demand BOTH a catch weight AND a rehydration clause be put on a contract.

    No one in the history of boxing had to go through that ish that Ryan had to go through to fight Tank.

    Now if Haney beats him, then yes, we can say he simply beat him because he is better.


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      Originally posted by Left Hook Louie View Post

      Boxing, like everything else in life, is so much better without input from bigots like this creep.
      How DARE you, sir.

      Your account simply must be "Jew ran", there's no other explanation for such an obvious smear campaign!


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        Sometimes if a fighter has heart that can make up for being less skilled. In this case Ryan doesn't have the heart. He he quit against tank