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Comments Thread For: Motivated Devin Haney Vows To 'End Ryan Garcia And Get Him Out Of Boxing' And Would Like To See Canelo Take On Benavidez

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    It would appear Haney can do what he says here. This fight is all wrong for Garcia. It's gonna get ugly... if they make it to the ring.


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      Haney is an arrogant **** and as much as I want to demonize him and root against him, I gotta give him props for staying active, taking the toughest fights available, and for his (apparent) dedication to his craft. These are not things that we can take for granted as boxing fans, unfortunately, so there it is. What amazes me is how GBP - specifically ODLH and B-Hop - seem to be putting $$$ over integrity by allowing Garcia to fight under their promotional banner when he's so obviously emotionally compromised and in need of serious attention. That's shameful to me. I mean, I get it, the money talks, but don't they have enough already? Jeeeez.....

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        Cryan Garcia makes to much money for boxing to ever be out unless he just retires. Nobody is running him out period


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          ooooh, i can't wait for Ryan vs Rolly ppv fight on Tiktok. $ 4.99 with ads during rounds.