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  • Comments Thread For: Frank Warren Talks Sheeraz vs. Williams, Fury-Usyk, Anthony Yarde, More

    HAMZAH SHEERAZ, ON Saturday, has the opportunity to post his most emphatic and meaningful statement to date when he goes up against Liam Williams at London's Copper Box Arena in what is our opening show of 2024, live on TNT Sports.
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    "The harsh truth of the matter remains that boxing is, and has always been, an unavoidably accident-prone sport that you can never completely legislate for."

    This is true. The other harsh truth is that Tyson Fury is extra accident-prone as a fighter when it comes to taking tough fights. When you add the accident-proneness of both together, the Fury vs Usyk fight is going to have an accident roughly about 100% of the time right before the agreed upon date.

    1. Fury ducked Wlad II twice.
    2. Fury avoided all legit fighters when he fought Tom Schwarz.
    3. Fury avoided all tough fighters by picking Otto "Fold" Wallin who has 0 good wins and almost lost. (Cherry pick gone wrong I)
    4. Fury tried to avoid Wilder 3, was forced in the ring and got decked twice.
    5. Fury avoided all possible real fighters when he fought Chisora again.
    6. Fury ducked the Usyk fight last year claiming he was training full camp for the fight but Sugarhill admitted he wasn't even training Fury at all. It was all an obvious lie and clearly Fury had 0 intention of actually fighting Usyk.
    7. Fury ducked all legit boxers when he chose to fight Ngannou instead and got knocked down again. (Cherry pick gone wrong II)
    8. Fury postponed the Usyk fight that was meant to happen December 23rd.
    9. Fury postponed the Usyk fight because of an "accident" that Frank Warren doesn't believe.

    When you add in the contradictions Fury has cornered himself so that no matter what he says he ends up being a liar.
    He said he will and won't fight Usyk.
    He said he both will and won't fight Joshua.
    And he's claimed he doesn't care about the money and also that he only fights for the money. He's lied so many times that if before may 18th this list won't get a "10. Fury postponed/canceled the Usyk fight citing x" then I'll be shocked and very happy about being wrong. He didn't want to fight Usyk last year. He also didn't want to admit it and lied to the public then got mad when Sugarhill didn't play along. If he didn't want to fight Usyk last year then what made him change his mind? The Saudi money? Maybe. Or then he's just playing again, like last year. Why didn't he want to fight Usyk last year? Too risky? Too unstable? Who knows.

    But you have to be a colossal daft to believe anything Fury says at this point.