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Comments Thread For: Andy Ruiz Not Impressed With Anthony Joshua's Win Over Otto Wallin

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  • Comments Thread For: Andy Ruiz Not Impressed With Anthony Joshua's Win Over Otto Wallin

    For the last few years, some have called Anthony Joshua a shell of his former self, a lost soul, someone who simply didn't have it anymore. One performance, however, just changed everything.
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    Even though he's ajs dad he needs to get his fatass in the ring


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      “I would like to see him fight somebody that has a lot of skills or someone like me.”​

      So you have no skills ?

      Another guy I’d like Joshua to punch up , Annoying A Side Andy another double talker . Lol


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        I'll tell you what impresses me: activity.


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          After this little fat man turned up obese and even fatter for Joshua 2 , he has little right to spout off.He dines off the Joshua mauling and has done nothing since..slob.


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            Podgey little Mexican will probably face Parker next. Andy will come up with a plan for Parker and Ruiz will get schooled like Wilder.


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              Anthony Joshua (rematch) - DEC - 07 - 2019
              Chris Arreola - MAY - 01 - 2021​
              Luis Ortiz - SEP - 04 - 2022

              ​​​​​​Dude has done ****-all since the rematch with Joshua... He should STFU. Even when he does fight again, which probably won't be until March (PROBABLY LATER KNOWING HIM), you know it's NOT going to be against a credible opponent. He's too inactive to get right into a hard fight. He's going to look for another payday.

              Yes he embarrassed Joshua, but he embarrassed himself in the rematch and hasn't done shyt since. Does anyone remember the build up footage before the rematch? Him hanging out with his friends while eating tacos and saying "Don't tell my trainer" - what a joke.

              Joshua might not be the same since the first fight with Ruiz, but he's been active and has made somewhat of a decent/honest comeback. Might not be against the best opponents, but he's more active than Fury and Wilder. Joshua may or may not become a champion again but he's making an honest effort.

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                Andy lost it quickly after delivering a great victory over Joshua. All he has now is just talking while it could have been else. Because some fans overhype the Joshua-Wallin fight, but Andy is the last man who can talk about.
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                  There should be better wealth distribution in boxing, because these 10 figure checks are killing the drive, and these 4 digit checks aren't enough to stay in the sport..


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                    If only Joshua could look as impressive as Andy did against grampa Luis.