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Comments Thread For: Daily Bread Mailbag: Stevenson, Joshua, Benavidez-Andrade, Matias-Ergashev, More

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  • Comments Thread For: Daily Bread Mailbag: Stevenson, Joshua, Benavidez-Andrade, Matias-Ergashev, More

    The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen "Breadman" Edwards tackling topics such as Chavez vs. Taylor, David Benavidez vs. Demetrius Andrade, Shakur Stevenson, Navarette vs. Conceicao, Anthony Joshua, Matias vs. Ergashev, and more
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    You know over the years I have watched the Chavez vs Taylor over and over, people have their opinions on how that fight was playing out, who was winning going into that last round. While I agree that Taylor Imo was up going into the 12, how much he was up is interpreted by the eye of the beholder. I had Taylor up by 2 points, but there's no question that the American media scoring that fight were biased, including the commentary during that fight by HBO which made it seem like Taylor was dominating that fight.

    If you pay close attention to the rounds in that fight, Taylor was landing very quick combos on Chavez, and take the word landing with a grain of salt, because again, if you pay close attention not all those combos were landing clean but Taylor was so damn fast that it gave you the illusion that he was landing every shot, not to mention Lampley going wild Everytime Taylor would throw those quick shots. But was getting lost in that fight was that the shots Chavez was landing hard telling shots, a lot to the body of Taylor, which for the most part IMO body shots are not as sexy as as fast shots landing to the head but Chavez was landing harder telling blows on Taylor that obviously just by looking at Taylor were doing a ton of damage.

    In boxing, I think fans need to look at the rules judges go by in scoring rounds, it's not just about who lands the most, which is the biggest misconception because most fans thinks, oh that guy landed 20 and the other guy landed 14 so the guy who landed 20 wins the round right? It's more complicated than that. In boxing it's not just who lands more, it's about the quality of the punches and who did more damage. If the guy who landed 20 were all jabs and the guy who landed 14 were power shots and imposed his will and hurt his opponent more than that round can be scored for the guy who landed less shots.

    In the end, Duva made a decision in the moment, where he looked at his fighter and said " sh** " how are the judges scoring this fight because it's no secret Taylor was really beat up, I mean if that was a street fight, who would you say is winning? And yes I know boxing is not a street fight but Duva had to do what he thought was best for his fighter to pull it off. One thing is for sure, these were two fighters in their prime preforming at the top level of boxing, they don't make them like that anymore.....

    Quick note on Stevenson, I couldn't resist making a comment where bread said that Stevenson plays it safe with dangerous fighters, fighters who are on that same level. If that's the case, where you have to find the easy way out to get the win, maybe you're not as good as you think. I mean if you can't go toe to toe with someone who's top level, are you really top level. Look at all the greats, even guys who were considered boxers, movers at some point had to fight to prove they are a better fighter, not saying that's not in Stevenson but until he actually proves it, well......
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      Stevenson vs. Muratalla! Let's Get It!


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        Chavez absolutely wrecked Taylor. Had Meldrick been permitted to continue, and there’s clear justification for him to have been, then that fight constitutes the ultimate ‘saved by the bell’ example. Julio was a great, great 15 round fighter stuck in a 12 round era. Like Leonard, Arguello, Sanchez etc he would clearly have been on another level in those traditional championship rounds. Just a greater fighter than Taylor period.