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    Sometimes, the other guy is just better. Joe Joyce had several months to plan, adjust, scheme, to focus on one task: reverse the outcome of his first unsuccessful contest with Zhilei Zhang.
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    Joe was moving?


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      Originally posted by Corelone View Post
      Joe was moving?
      A professional writer can spot things we amateurs can't


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        Ming the merciless sucked the life out of Big Jugs and will milk the win for all its worth.


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          Id love Zhang v wilder. Wilder is the one who's not fought for a while..Josh has fought, so any wilder excuse won't be convincing.
          Wilder might do ok, as Zhang is used to fighting Joyce who is considerably slower than wilder. So it might take some adjusting to the speed of wilder
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            There is no substitute, nor can you teach "fast-twitch muscles, and Zhang has incredibly quick hands which just adds to the effect of his power-punches. He is very impressive. The question I have is can someone with fast feet and good footwork neutralize his ability to land with power? Fury could answer that question but he better not make a mistake. I'd love to see that fight because I think Zhang is way too strong for Fury to bully or hold. Zhang also was very accurate against Joyce. Was that because Joyce was slow and indecisive or will he also tee off on anyone he fights. Will he be able to hit Fury with power? Lots of questions and we need answers. Hopefully they will come soon, but I think Zhang looked too dangerous for anyone to be anxious to fight him.