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Comments Thread For: Navarrete On Valdez Clash: I'm Sure Entire World Believes This Has Potential To Become FOTY

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  • Comments Thread For: Navarrete On Valdez Clash: I'm Sure Entire World Believes This Has Potential To Become FOTY

    The originally scheduled Emanuel Navarrete-Oscar Valdez bout was pegged as a can't-miss Fight of the Year contender. An unhealed injury forced Valdez out of the February 3 vacant WBO junior lightweight title fight, though Navarrete still found himself in a hellish slugfest with replacement opponent Liam Wilson. Both fighters hit the deck, with Navarrete
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    I'm really looking forward to this fight, it definitely won't lack for action and just might end up being a classic. The ingredients are there for a great fight , hopefully it will live up to the potential. Valdez is more skilled but Navarette has a style that works for him and can't be easy to prepare for. My brain says Valdez , my gut says Navarette. The fans might be the biggest winner of this one.


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      Can’t wait should be a good weekend of boxing overall


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        They're certainly both tough af. IMHO Navarette is a game brawler but Valdez is straight vicious.

        If Navarette fights like LSC did in the Frampton rematch, he'll win. I (obviously) doubt he does that.

        If Valdez refrains from trying that silly quadruple lead right-hand like he tried against Shakur & actually uses footwork alongside the pressure (like he definitely can but always chooses not to), he'll win.

        Actual prediction for the action? Absolute toe-to-toe mayhem, difficult to score entanglements galore & someone's getting knocked out


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          Navarrette by stoppage. Navarrette ain't feather fisted. Longer reach, akward style, able to switch stance, heavier puncher, lands punches you don't see coming, shots coming from abnormal angles. Navarrette is smarter than people think boxing wise. It's very difficult to find sparring to emulate Navarette.
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            I think Navarette does a number on Ortiz.
            Popular opinion is to look at Ortiz's fight with Miguel Berchelt.
            But Navarette and Berchelt could not be more different in styles (taking away their size advantages).

            If Navarette adjusts to Ortiz's speed, then it's a long night for Ortiz
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              Hopefully for him what he really learned was to keep his damn left hand up when he reaches with those uppercuts because Valdez will be looking to crack him with a counter left hook all night long, and it’s 5x more powerful than Wilson’s that’s for sure.