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    Originally posted by BIGPOPPAPUMP View Post
    Shelly Finkel, manager for former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, says his boxer is ready and willing to face WBA, IBF, IBO, WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk.
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    Usyk will make MORE money taking 35% with Fury than RISKING IT ALL fighting ANY of the mandatories. He should stay away from Wilder cause he wont get paid like a Fury fight but will take a HUGE RISK. Wilder just needs ONE semi clean shot.
    Not that I care about these sniveling millionaire fighters pay. Just talking risks.
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      Originally posted by ELPacman View Post
      That's awesome. It would be sick if he came, stepped in, and wiped out Usyk. Of course Fury would sign up for that 4th Wilder fight then. Easy way to collect all them belts, lol.
      Yes, it would be easy for Wilder to collect the belts. Haha.

      Lay off the drink will you.


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        A fight that captures the imagination. Usyk has the skills to pull the win and Wilder has that right hand. There is no fight out there but Fury for Usyk but he looks like he doesn't want it.
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          Ok so... NSB should NOT want this fight.

          Usyk doesn't move his head enough to avoid the bomb. At points he was toe-to-toe with Joshua. That's too dangerous, and Usyk can't maul Wilder like Fury did.

          That fight favors Wilder. Which means you will have no choice but to book Fury / Wilder IV.

          Is that what you want? A fight where you already know the winner?


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            I'd love to see Usyk vs Wilder. It's much better than Usyk vs Du Bois and Wilder vs Ruiz.

            I think Usyk would box Wilder's ears off. But as always with Wilder, you don't know if he lands the big right, and what would happen.

            He's a big puncher, but definitely not the biggest in the history of the sport. Scott might not the history so well, if he doesn't know about Foreman, Liston, Tyson, Lewis, Marciano, Shavers, to name a few power punchers.
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              Wilder fury 4 in Saudi would be my guess .

              That’s why the pair of them were mincing in Saudi at the YouTube fight

              That being said I would watch a wilder usyk fight anytime . It’s a fun fight on paper
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                Originally posted by Ganondorf View Post
                Da plot thickens.
                It really doesn't. Unless Usyk plans to drop his 3 belts to swerve all his mandatories


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                  Originally posted by Boxing 112 View Post

                  It really doesn't. Unless Usyk plans to drop his 3 belts to swerve all his mandatories
                  Yeah I know. Plus Wilder is what? 37 now? Time isn’t on Wilder’s side.

                  It’s a shame Fury vs Usyk isn’t happening. I was looking forward to it.


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                    Don't skip the line 'bomb squad', you don't deserve it, fight Tyson Fury again, you might win this time, and then you earned a shot at Usyk.
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                      Wilder needs to fight ruiz already. Dubois will fight usyk